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Leather Work                                   
Here are some examples of some of my Custom Carved Leather.
      ​The Indian in the first row is a Two by Two Foot Wall Hanging.     
Time permiting (they take weeks to do.) I'll have some more of these Highly detailed Designs.  So check back often. Or let me know if you have a design you'd like as a wall hanging.
Please contact me with your specific requests, and I will prepare a free estimate.
For more information, call me at:  352-467-2535

Or send inquiries to   or

 I work out of my home in
               Dade City, Fl.
I'm trying to get out to some of the bike nights in the Tampa bay area, so I can bring something different ,instead of the same ol' stuff that you see .....
Ladies Purse
Photo Keyfob
Wallhanging 2'x2'
My friend Darrin's Wallet
The back of Darrins Wallet
My neice's Checkbokk cover
Roper Wallet For sale $125.00
Motorcycle Tool Bag for sale- 
My Nephew's wrist cuff
Closeup of snap
Custom carvered Wallet with copper rivets, for sale
Custom carved Wallet for sale $250.00
Kimi's Purse with Eagle carved on one side.I can make one for you with your design....
Ostrich cuff with dragon snap for sale $75.00
Truckers wallet with KenWorth design for sale $225.00
My sister's Check book cover
My nephew's biker wallet
Motorcycle Tank cover
Praying Hands roper wallet
Ruby & Iolite & leather Pendant for sale $85.00
My wallet made over 2 years ago
it's aged a bit since then
Harley davidson split tank Panel
Flaming grimreaper Wallet for sale 225.00
Flames of the Reaper, the inside is like the inside of the finn
The flamming finn for sale $200.00
Insides of the Flamming Finn
Scissors case for 5" scissors for sale $65.00
Scissors case closed to see the Skull & Crossbones snap
Motorcycle handgrip covers
A custom Phone Case I made for a coworker $35.00
Made this wallet for eX broinlaw with his enitials on back side $100    (next pic)
Back side of rebel wallet
Inside of Rebel waleet
Wall Hanging of Jesus Christ
Custom Knife Sheath
Prices start @ $50.00
Ostrig leg skin biz card holder $75.00
Inside of ostrig leg skin card holder
Custom biz card holder $65.00
inside of custom biz card holder
Custom carved Eagle native American Wall hanging
 Price $350.00
This piece is 2'x2'